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Globe, Jollibee, Oppo: YouTube names 2017's best performing ads

Google Philippines presents the creators behind the top 10 YouTube Ads for the second half of 2017. Jessica Fenol, ABS-CBN News

MANILA – Google’s video platform YouTube on Thursday released its list of the best performing ads for the second half of 2017, showing how engaging storytelling on the web can translate to good business. 

An effective YouTube ad lures viewers while strengthening the brand, said Google Philippines country marketing manager Gabby Roxas. 

“Through masterful storytelling, brands can nurture interests and fuel passions, hold the attention of millions and grow their share of audiences online,” he said.

Globe Telecom’s “Because you can never have too many dogs” topped the list with 85 million total views worldwide, Kenn Peñero, Strategist for Digital and Social Content said.

The ad, which features a lost dog found by an elderly man only showed one shot of a mobile phone to focus on the human appeal rather than in-your-face marketing.

“The strategy is to love the character first before we serve you the ad or the specific services of Globe,” said Kenn Peñero, Globe’s Strategist for digital and social content.

YouTube cited Jollibee’s Sweet-Sarap ad which showed popular choreographer Georcelle Dapat Sy and the fast-food chain’s mascot teaching dance moves to kids in between bites of spaghetti. 

Chinese mobile phone-maker Oppo was cited for its “Capture the Real You” campaign, which was designed with the selfie-centric millenials in mind, Eason De Guzman, Oppo Philippines public relations manager said.

Oppo sold 33,000 phones in just one week after the campaign was launched, he said.

Coca Cola’s brand affinity shot up with its Coke Studio campaign that featured popular musicians. 

Stephan Czypionka, Coca Cola Philippines vice president for marketing said the company increased its digital spending, calling the disruptive concept its “most successful project” so far. 

Unilever tapped video blogger-siblings Ranz and Niana and gave them a free-hand to shoot and produce an ad for Knorr Sinigang Mix.

“This was our first forray in doing something thats not scripted.
If you see all other ads on digital most of the time a lot of the company ads were agency filmed,” Kristine Go, Unilever marketing director said.

With the help of Ranz and Niana’s 5 million followers on Facebook alone, the ad gained 30 percent organic or unpaid views, Go said.

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