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Save money, power: Check your appliances' efficiency rating

MANILA – There are many ways to save money and conserve energy, but with appliances, it can all start with purchasing energy-efficient products.

The Department of Energy urged buyers to look at the energy efficiency scores of appliances when they choose what units to buy. 

“Minsan P100 lang ang difference pero ang pipiliin ito, [iyong mas mababa ang energy efficiency rating],” said DOE Undersecretary Felix William Fuentabella in an interview on DZMM on Saturday.

This can make a big difference concerning power consumption, he said, because an air conditioner with a rating of 100 can consume more energy than one with a rating of 400—the most energy efficient units are those with higher ratings, he said.

“Pwedeng mas mahal ang presyo, pero mas tipid sa kuryente,” he said.

Aside from looking at the energy efficiency score of an appliance, people should also be wiser in usage, after they have taken it home.

Sometimes, Fuentabella said, all it takes is to cut the time an appliance is used—even one hour less would make a big difference.

This summer, he said, people can use their air conditioners more efficiently.

“Sa 1.5 horsepower na air conditioner…kapag ginagamit ang timer at nababawasan ng 2 hours ang paggamit ng aircon, kung malaki ang kwarto mo, mas malaki ang matitipid mo pag magbawas ka. Almost P350/month ang matitipid mo,” he said.

One tip he gave was to raise the air conditioner’s temperature to 25 degrees Celsius, then use an electric fan to circulate air more efficiently. This, he said, can use less energy compared to setting the air conditioner to work harder by setting a temperature of 21 degrees C.

Another tip, said lawyer Gia Ibay, national director of the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour Pilipinas, is to unplug the water cooler at night.

“Ang water coolers, marami tayo sa bahay, buong araw naka-plug. Sa gabi, i-unplug kasi malaki ang konsumo mo,” she said.

According to Fuentabella, a household can save almost P1,000 by unplugging their water cooler for 12 hours each night.

Cooling and heating devices, they said, use up a lot of energy.

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