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‘Wake-up call’: Artists react after unruly crowd forces halt to concert, resked

Quest and December Avenue's Zel Bautista both took to Twitter to react to the decision to postpone the Coke concert after a massive crowd showed up and became unruly. @jointhequest and @zelbautista

MANILA—Imagine having to tell an increasingly restless crowd that the gig has been cancelled, the same crowd who had been made to wait two hours due to "technical difficulties." 

One would be "drained" of "whatever good energy you have," too, like Filipino rapper Quest, who got the short end of the stick and came out to boos and cusses as he told the rowdy fans that the event had been moved to another date. 

The free music festival, scheduled to feature a range of popular local acts, was postponed after more than 20,000 people — way more than the estimated 15,000 — showed up and became unruly.

"Drained," was what Quest wrote on Twitter after his experience. 

"Getting cussed at and booed by thousands of people is bad energy. And it drains out whatever good energy you have. Didn't realize it until yesterday," he added. "Pahinga muna ako today." 

Zel Bautista, whose band December Avenue performed as one of the opening acts, described the incident as a "wake up call" for Filipinos to act more disciplined during such events. 

Other artists slated to appear — such as Juan Miguel Severo, IV of Spades' Blaster Slionga and Zild Benitez, as well as Moira dela Torre — acknowledged being heartbroken over the decision. 

Some 50 people were said to have been injured during the music festival, with Coca-Cola, the organizer, confirming that "pushing" and "bottles thrown" threatened the safety of the crowd. 

The music festival has been rescheduled to the first quarter of 2019, with a tighter security promised. 

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