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WATCH: Jaws drop as ‘PBB’ girls meet handsome new housemate, hilarity ensues

Kaori Oinuma, Jelay Pilones, and Criza Ta-a appear stunned at the sight of their new housemate, Rhys Eugenio, in ‘Pinoy Big Brother.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — Jaws dropped and cheeks flushed as a Filipino-American teen literally broke a wall to enter “Pinoy Big Brother” as its latest housemate, making for a hilarious, “kilig”-filled episode on Monday.

Rhys Eugenio, 17, crossed over from Camp Star Hunt to the Big Brother house over the weekend, completing again the eight housemate slots following the eviction of Art Guma.

Marking Eugenio’s introduction to the current housemates was a task where they would guess details about him, based on jumbled letters that would form phrases or words when reordered correctly.

What the housemates gathered about the mystery individual — Eugenio could only break through a polystyrene wall and show himself once the task was completed — was that he hails from Tarlac, that one of his parents is a dentist, and that he grew up in the United States where he played football.

Kaori Oinuma steal a longing glance at Rhys Eugenio shortly after his entrance as the new ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ housemate. ABS-CBN

Having accomplished the task, “Kuya” allowed Eugenio, wearing a football uniform, to bash open the wall and meet his housemates.

What followed was a hilarious montage of the female housemates’ reactions to seeing Eugenio for the first time, such as their jaws dropping in unison and exclaiming one after the other, “Ang pogi!”

According to his introduction reel, the “Sportisoy Heartthrob ng Tarlac” was born and raised in Lousiville, Kentucky to a Filipino father and an American mother.

A varsity rugby player who also took up basketball and football, Eugenio sought new opportunities in the Philippines, where he has been juggling a modeling career with his studies.

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