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We don’t get to choose our parents: Lessons from heartbreaking ‘MMK’ episode

Ana Capri and Rhed Bustamante delivered outstanding performances in last night's episode of "Maalaala Mo Kaya." Photo credit: MMK (The Official) Facebook page

The fact that "Maalaala Mo Kaya" has been on-air for more than 25 years is proof that it's one of the best things on television. Rare is an episode that's not superbly acted, or one that fails to draw tears. This Saturday's episode maintains that gold standard –that is to say, it's depressing.

Viewers meet Adelina, played by Ana Capri as an adult and Rhed Bustamante as a kid. She has seen her dad and older sister die, her mentally challenged mother break down, and her brother go crazy because of emotional and physical abuse –and she's not even old enough to drink those painful feelings away. 

But this series of tragic events only solidified her view on family –that while she may prefer a more normal and happier one, she realizes that one can't really choose one's kin and one has to stand by them no matter what. She was asked by her own daughter that if she had the choice, would she pick to have a mentally challenged mother? 

To which she replied: "Hindi naman natin mapipili kung sino ang magiging magulang natin. Puwede naman natin pansinin kung ano iyong mga pagkukulang nila, mga kahinaan nila, pero tao lang din sila, hindi ba?" 

"Ang mas mahalaga ay iyong ginagawa nila ang lahat ng makakaya nila para sa atin. Kadalasan nga, mas higit pa doon sa kaya nila. Ganoon si nanay. Kaya kahit sabi ng mga ibang tao na may kulang siya, mahal na mahal ko siya," she added. 

It's precisely that perspective that viewers latched upon, with reactions ranging from realizations about how lucky they are to simply have a family, to those putting the focus on the need to recognize mental health issues. 

There's also many online posts praising the acting, including that of Malou de Guzman, who portrayed Adelina's mother, resulting in the show's official hashtag being the most talked about topic on Twitter among Filipinos Saturday night. Check them out below: 

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